Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pub Rants Has Moved!!

STATUS: You'll have to check out the new location to see how I'm feeling. *grin*

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now?  At the time I wrote that blog, it was ANNA SUN by Walk The Moon

I've been blogging since 2006.

That's 7 years!

I haven't made a change in all that time. Yes, sometimes I'm slow. Time to embrace something new.

I've just finished my first new entry at the new location and now I'm kind of wondering why I waited so long. Wordpress is kind of awesome.

All the posts you know and love have migrated over to the new home. We have more sidebar items to add (such as my Query workshop on the blog) but that's coming. And now that it's finally finally done, I'm going back to being a blogging maniac. Part of my problem in 2012 was knowing we were working on the new website and the new blog home etc. I really just wanted to start afresh. New blog look. Maybe even a new blog approach. It's 2013 by gosh.

So don't leave comments here on blogspot. Head over to the new site, check out my latest post and comment over there. I'd love to see feedback on the new Pub Rants. And I'm always game for blog topic ideas.

And don't give me the same old same old Qs. So much is happening in publishing and in the digital realm right now. Give me the questions you wish an agent was answering right now.

See you over at the new site soon!

Pub Rants new home: