Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The True Recipients Of 'The Stamp'

STATUS: A night off can do wonders. I'm actually excited to dive into a client manuscript tonight.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? IS THIS LOVE by Whitesnake

Before blog readers get up in arms over how "cruel" agents can be, you have to remember we work in a creative business. This means there are always a certain number of crazies.

In general, we get 100 to 150 email queries a day. (And after the holidays, we were averaging more like 300 queries a day).

A certain percentage we rule out right away as the writers didn't research us and are sending stuff we don't rep (like queries for nonfiction or picture books). We wouldn't bother with 'The Stamp.'

A certain percentage are queries that are obviously just thrown together, lack professionalism, and sent out to any number of agents. For these, we wouldn't bother with 'The Stamp.'

A certain percentage are well researched, diligently written, and are professional but the project simply isn't right for us. We take those queries seriously and read every single one of them. Those would definitely not get 'The Stamp.'

A certain percentage are decently written but just kind of verging on the strange or weird. We wouldn't use 'The Stamp' even for these.

And then there are those remaining few--at least a couple a week. The queries that spotlight, in all its glory, a 200,000 word epic novel about a detachable penis.

Those queries, folks, deserve the WTF Stamp!