Monday, June 13, 2011

Do Cheap Backlist eBooks Poach Frontlist Sales?

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Today a fellow agent and I were having a discussion about eBook pricing. What should backlist romance titles be priced at and does that poach sales for the current release?

Obviously there are a variety of opinions on this subject but here is mine.

I don't personally believe that a lower eBook price for a backlist title poaches from a current title. I think the romance reader is more likely to then buy both if the backlist title is reasonably priced.

In terms of pricing, most authors are seeing good movement when a backlist title is priced between the $2.99 and $3.99 price range. Higher than that and the sales are flat.

And speaking of reduced pricing for backlist titles, this is a perfect segue albeit for women’s fiction. Need a cheap summer read? HarperCollins is letting you get a taste of NLA client Kristina Riggle for $0.99

Yep, less than a buck. And it’s across all platforms. Here are links for just a few:




Sadly Google eBookstore (that does sales for independent bookstores) didn't have their version up although they were included in the promotion.