Friday, December 17, 2010

A Year In Statistics--2010

STATUS: Uh, ask me tomorrow morning. Still working to try and wrap stuff up.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? SLEIGH RIDE by Babyface

This week has just been crazy with no time to blog. Nobody wants to go into the holiday season with a bunch of stuff still outstanding and cluttering the desks. I know authors who have submissions with us wouldn’t mind an answer either. So, our goal is to finish everything up by today.

With that in mind, I’ve been hitting the office at 8 in the morning and pretty much every night this week, I didn’t leave until after 8 p.m. (and some evenings not until after 9).

Well, I’m going to have to come in tomorrow as not everything is done but hey, I came close. Blogging just wasn’t an option with everything that needed to wrap up—including 3 deals that I literally was negotiating this week.

Still, I can’t end the season without one more post. The year 2010 would not be complete without my annual Year In Statistics entry so voila! Here it is. Enjoy!

books sold (up from 15 last year and mostly thanks to Sara! Also interesting to note, of the sales I did, all but 3 were deals well into the six-figure range and two were 7+. Sweet!)

foreign rights deals done (up from 53 last year. That’s a big increase. Foreign rights went gangbuster.)

number of new clients (Kristin & Sara combined)

estimated number of queries read and responded to (this is actually down a bit from last year. Last year we averaged around 150/day. This year it was more around 120/day)

full manuscripts requested and read (way up from 55 last year.)

number of sample pages requested and read (down from 1053 of last year)

number of projects currently on submission

tv and major motion picture deals

1.5 million
number of copies in print for my bestselling series this year

number of copies in print for my bestselling title this year

number of copies in print for my bestselling debut this year

conferences attended (also includes BEA and Bologna Children’s Book Fair)

number of New York Times Bestsellers this year

number of career New York Times Bestselling titles

Number of books named to Publisher’s Weekly list of top books of the year

number of physical holiday cards sent

Number of electronic holiday cards sent

number of Starbucks eggnog chai consumed in the last week (sort of embarrassed to admit it!)

number of late nights reading on the couch with Chutney

number of great days loving my job

Have a safe and happy New Year. I’m out! See you back here on Jan. 3, 2011.