Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Conference Prep

STATUS: Yep, it’s late.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? THING CALLED LOVE by Bonnie Raitt

Tomorrow I’m off to the Surrey International Writers' Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Yes, that would be Canada folks.

Now, I can’t just up and get on a plane and head north. I need to prepare. So what does an agent do to get ready for a conference (besides stocking up on the post all-day-pitch appointments Advil?) Just Kidding! Well, sort of.

Here’s my list from the day:

1. Clear off the decks (or desk for that matter) by handling everything that is urgent and can’t wait until I’m back in the office next Tuesday. (You can probably tell that this was most of my day.)

2. Locate Conference info folder. Even though everything is entered into my palm treo, I like to be anal and have the paper version handy as well.

3. Gather client books for the requested door prizes and give-aways.

4. Locate my conference business cards so people will actually know how to contact me.

5. Check my Powerpoint presentation to ensure it’s up-to-date and on my laptop (which reminds me, I really need to update that presentation background layout because the color scheme isn’t working).

6. Print out the submission instruction stickers so when I do request sample pages, I can paste the sticker directions on the back of my business card and the conference attendee will have an easy-to-use reference.

7. Email to the conference organizer the most recent, just updated handout that goes with the workshop I’m giving.

8. Get home and remember everything that I forgot at my office. Go back to the office and get it.

9. Remember to change my voicemail message to announce that I’ll be out of the office until next Tuesday (and I just remembered that I have forgotten to do this).

10. Pack. And what I have is what I have. What I’ve forgotten, well, I’ll wing it.