Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anatomy of an Agency Agreement—Part Six

STATUS: I’m back. A little jetlagged and a little overwhelmed by the piles on my desk but that’s the price you pay for going away for more than two weeks.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? DWELLER ON THE THRESHOLD by Van Morrison

I’m going to take the easy way out and continue my discussion concerning the agency agreement so I don’t have to cast around for a blog idea on these first days back in the office.

What’s up after expenses? Well, for my agreement, I have a clause that states that I can take on other clients—even if their material might be viewed as competing or conflicting with your stuff. I don’t want a client to say “hey, you took on a vampire paranormal romance author and I write vampire paranormals so you shouldn’t have taken her on” or something similar.

And this also alerts new clients that I may take on other authors who write in the same genre as they do.

This clause also states that I also use subagents etc. to sell subrights.

The next clause deals with modification of material. Basically, it states that I won’t make any material changes without author approval but if I need to add a missing comma or something, I won’t need to check back in with the writer before putting it on submission.

What a nightmare it would be if I had to get author approval for EVERY change made to a proposal or manuscript. It would take months to submit anything. So, it’s to expedite things.

Back to my two hundred emails that need to be handled and my piles.