Friday, November 17, 2006

These Are A Few of My Favorite (And Not So Favorite) Things

STATUS: TGIF. One deal finally concluded. Another deal heating up. Makes me cheerful for Thanksgiving.

What song is playing on the iPod right now? KISS THE GIRL from the Little Mermaid Soundtrack

My Favorite Things

1. When an editor listens when we say the cover is awful and becomes a huge advocate on our behalf and the new cover rocks!

2. When an offer exceeds expectation and the author and agent are both excited and pleased.

3. When an editor calls to say how much she loves the book and then cites all the same scenes that made me fall in love with it as an agent.

4. When an editor calls to say that your author’s book has hit the list: NYT, USA Today, B&N. I like all the lists.

5. When an editor calls to say the first print run has sold out and the house is going back to reprint.

And Not So Favorite

1. When I hold a best bids auction and the publishers involved don’t come with their best bids and I have to admonish them and refuse to present the offer to the client (translation: and your mother smells of elderberries now go away and give me a real best bid before I taunt you a second time).

2. Publishers that demand an upon publication payment as part of the advance (what’s the definition of advance again?)

3. Cover art that begs the question why.

4. When you ask for a standard reversion clause for rights granted and the editor makes it sound like she is doing you a huge favor.