Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Fantasy Exam

STATUS: Contract weary. Three of my contracts have reached the final stages where the final copies can be mailed off to the clients after one more look to make sure all changes are included. So close. Contracts are very time-consuming so I’m really looking forward to the completion of this batch. I can then start concentrating on the full manuscripts I’ve requested.

What song is playing on the iPod right now? HOW by The Cranberries

Last week, we had some fun with romance. This week, it’s fantasy’s turn. This website is just hilarious (and of course my agent friends and I have been passing around the link). I just wish I was this brilliant and original. I’m not. I’m happy to give the glory to those who are though.

So, fantasy writers, think you have what it takes to write the genre? Not so fast. David Parker has decided that anyone thinking about it should have to take this fantasy novel exam first. Answering “yes” to just one question means failure and you should abandon your novel at once.

My favs:

7. Does your story revolve around an ancient prophecy about "The One" who will save the world and everybody and all the forces of good?

18. Would "a clumsy cooking wench more comfortable with a frying pan than a sword" aptly describe any of your female characters?

19. Would "a fearless warrioress more comfortable with a sword than a frying pan" aptly describe any of your female characters?

27. Does your novel contain a prologue that is impossible to understand until you've read the entire book, if even then?
(You knew I had to highlight this one!)

71. Is your story about a crack team of warriors that take along a bard who is useless in a fight, though he plays a mean lute?

Enjoy and good luck taking the exam!