Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Chick Lit Agent

STATUS: Off to an early start. I must finish the final vet of a negotiated contract so copies can get mailed off to the client for signing. Then I’m having lunch with Kelly Notaras (formerly an editor at Hyperion until she figured out that the weather is WAY better here in Colorado and moved so she could be Editorial Director at Sounds True Audio).

What song is playing on the iPod right now? MISSING by Everything But The Girl

When I was at the Pikes Peak conference this weekend, a gentleman came up to talk to me and he literally started the conversation with, “I know you are a chick lit/women’s fiction agent and only represent women authors, but I wondered if you would still be interested in my project that has a male protagonist.”

Stop everything. I’ve been receiving email queries that reflect this same sentiment. I have to rant about this.

I only represent woman authors?

Wow this is news to me (and to the two guys who signed with my agency the week before last and the two male clients who are currently on my webpage and whose books I’ve sold).

I am the chick lit agent?

Folks, out of my 19 clients, only four of my clients (yes, count them, four) write in this field. Just because these gals are all rather high profile (bless their good-selling books), just means I’m good at picking what can work in this field but I’m not limiting what I represent to just that.

Now I do have to admit that in the last couple of years, it’s been easier to sell chick lit, romance, women’s fiction etc. so consequently, that’s what I’ve sold.

But I promise you. Nowhere on my website does it say I hate men, male protagonists, or male writers.

It says on my website that we are looking for literary, commercial mainstream, SF, Fantasy, young adult, memoir (as well as chick lit, women’s fiction, and romance) from all kinds of writers and for all kinds of stories.

I want diversity. I’m actively looking. I haven’t found that perfect project yet. The door is open.